Am I required to upgrade my POTS Line?

POTS lines (Plain Old Telephone Lines) are old-fashioned copper wires connected to a standard telephone that provides the power and connectivity to the telephone service provider’s central switching system. In other words, POTS lines are traditional analog phone service businesses used for voice, alarm lines, and elevator emergency phone lines.

Does an elevator need a dedicated cellular phone line?

According to the elevator code ASME emergency personnel within the building need to be able to establish communications to each car individually.

Is Cellular Service Reliable?

Yes. VoIP which is short for Voice Over Internet Protocol, uses the Internet as a regular phone service. These type of services that depend on a managed internet connection to keep emergency phones online are unreliable. Customers take the risk of losing communications during power outages or internet disruptions which are two common scenarios. Our services provide the required 10 hour battery backup along with a dedicated cellular connection for your emergency services.

The telephone company says that the line works properly but the elevator company says that my phone line does not work. What Should I do?

Call us at 949.339.3937 and we will help assist in surveying and providing you with the best solution for your needs!

Does it cost for a survey?

All property surveys are FREE of charge. We go to your location.

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